Random Life of Kellie

The Love for my Nieces

This weekend I got to watch my nieces while my sister and her husband enjoyed a night out together. I was happy to help–happy isn’t the right word–ECSTATIC would be better!

I pinterested a bunch of ideas that the girls and I could do together and I waited, impatiently, all week to see them. I bought us a new movie to watch, cake mix, macaroni and cheese ‘shapes’, and popcorn! I was ready for a sleepover like no other.

Then I got to the house and the girls came running to see. Oh they are so beautiful and their smiles melt my heart. They both came and jumped into my arms and I couldn’t help but smile and laugh with them.

They don’t mind when mom and dad leave as long as Aunt Kellie is there-which makes me feel like a million bucks!

You see, I had all this fun stuff planned out and we did some of it, but some of it got left behind. It got left behind because of the memories of just listening to the girls. Embracing their smiles, laughs, and hugs.

As we sat at the dinner table, the oldest one looked at me with her big beautiful blue eyes (just like her auntie) and said, “You can sleep in my big bed and I’ll sleep in the little bed. Okay? Okay Aunt Kellie?” She had made plans for the sleepover, just like I had. I couldn’t help but smile at her and say, “Thank you sweetheart! That is so nice of you!” We then proceeded to make a purple cake that she got to help with, which was a pretty big deal to her! She got to crack the eggs, pour in the oil, water, and eggs, and even got to stir. She loved every minute of it and so did I!

The youngest one can’t talk, but she has a laugh like no other (once again, like her auntie) that is contagious and brings a smile to my face! She loves to do silly things, snuggle, and say animal sounds. Her favorite sound to say is, “mooooo”. Of course. 🙂

When all the fun was done, it was time for this aunt to go home. As dumb as it sounds, I cry every time I have to leave them. I just love them so much that I wish I lived closer so I could see them every day. As I went to leave the oldest one didn’t want to give me a hug, which was fine. As I walked away she started to run at me and said she wanted to give me kisses! Yay! She gave me the biggest hug in the entire world, a kiss, and said, “love you”. Talk about melting my heart. I almost started crying, but I held it in until I got to the truck.

Those little girls teach me what the true meaning of love is. Those girls show me what unconditional love is every time I see them. Their sweet and innocent hearts are so genuine. I never thought I wanted children until those girls came into my life. Now I don’t know what I would do without a three year old that tells me what’s right and wrong. Or a one year old to teach me patience about little situations. Their love is so empowering to this 26 year old woman. Their love reminds me that love is tender, full of patience, willingness to forgive, and a forever friendship. My nieces mean the world to me. They will always be a ray of sunshine in my dark days. They will be the happiness that lifts my heart. They will always be a part of my heart. I couldn’t thank my sister and brother in law enough for bringing such joy to my life.

I love you girls. You will always be Aunt Kellie’s girls!