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3 Ways to Survive on the Farm (Women Addition) - Kellie For Ag
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3 Ways to Survive on the Farm (Women Addition)

I have met a lot of very strong women in my life. All of them farmers. I always wondered how they did it. How could they do everything on the farm without the help of a man or huge equipment? Well, I may have a man and I may have equipment, but I have found some very helpful tricks to not needing either of them on the farm! (Even though they are quite helpful.)

This is my first trick and I’m a little embarrassed to admit it, but in a pinch, it comes through every time. I actually even learned this from my dad!

  • When you need to move a heavy load (such as a few square bales or more buckets then you can carry) get out your little red wagon. Don’t laugh—that baby can hold a lot. I use the one that we had as kids. It comes in handy when dad’s using the skid-loader and I need to haul 4 or 5 bales to another yard. Or when I need to take buckets to the calves and don’t feel like making 5 trips. Try it. You’ll thank me later, I promise.

My second trick is something that I never thought I would have to tell women because my sister and I had one of these from a young age.

  • Always carry a pocket knife and pliers. I have found that many women don’t like to carry those necessities with them, but ladies, it’s a life saver. Example: I couldn’t get the string on the feed sack to rip so I just pull out my knife and voila! Bag is open! No need for the Farmer to come open the bag for me! ORRRR what if the cows get out? No need to have a cell phone to call the Farmer when you have a pliers and can fix that fence right away!! (You obviously got the cows in already because you’re a rockstar!)

The third and final trick. Obvious, but not well known at the same time.

  • Use products that you can handle. Don’t buy massive mineral tubs or heavy bags when you can buy products that are easy to handle by hand. No equipment or man needed. Why put that much strain and stress on yourself? So now you’re thinking, “well miss smarty pants, where do go to actually purchase something like this??”! That’s the great news! I can help you with that!

BioZyme, an animal nutrition company located in St. Joe, Missouri, has just the products! I just found them and I LOVE them! They are the perfect size! If you can lift a salt block, you can lift these products! You can check out their website,, for more information about all of their products, but my favorite (so far) is the Concept Aid. This helps my girls (cows) get their reproduction systems in great working condition! The mineral is just simply amazing and does wonders for my girls. I seriously only give them the best so when I found out that my favorite mineral was coming in ‘handier’ sizes I was thrilled! Not only do I love that they are easier for me to tote around (I can throw them in my Ford Fusion easily!!), but they work great for my smaller pastures that I don’t need as big of mineral tub. It’s just the right size. So not only do you get a product that is easy to handle, it’s a great product to use for your herd, and less waste for those smaller pastures. You have got to check them out!!


So no matter what you’re doing on the farm, never get discouraged! You can do whatever it takes—where there’s a will there’s a way!

If any of you have any other helpful tips for other women, be sure to let me know! I would love to include it in my list!


Thanks for reading guys! I’m thrilled to be back!



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  • I carry a pocket knife…always! Pliers in the glove box. And I use to have a little cart to use to haul feed, etc. now I use the skidloader whenever possible. The back and knees appreciate it!!!

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