Otis' Stories

Otis the Trouble Maker

You read that right. My precious Otis is causing problems.

Otis doesn’t know how to share.

You see, on the farm there are a few other boys that like to have the cow’s attention. Well Otis doesn’t like sharing. He doesn’t think he needs to share and that all the cow’s are his. Well. Sorry to tell you Otis, but they’re not.


He even got into trouble when my dad caught him being a bully.

Dad caught Otis pushing one of the other bulls around. He even pushed him into the mud, not only getting himself dirty, but got dad soaking wet. So Otis got put into a separate pen to think about what he did. Since then he’s been behaving. Some what.

He still pushes his way through the cows to come get pet and he still loves his butt scratched. He also still thinks he’s King of the Farm.

He then confessed to me that he wants to come live with me at my house, but the Farmer isn’t so keen on this idea.

Otis Otis Otis. Or as my mom calls him, Otis Pagotis. What are we going to do with you? He’s just too darn cute for his own good!