Otis' Stories

Otis Gets A Merry Christmas

I thought I would write a cute little Christmas story this year to celebrate this beautiful Christmas day. I hope you enjoy!!!


Otis was worried. It was December and he was sick. He couldn’t be sick at a time like this! He needed to get out and get presents for all of his friends and family. He needed to feel better–NOW! Otis was terrified that he wasn’t going to be able to get them anything before the 25th. He could never show up at the Christmas celebration without anything for his family and friends! How embarrassing! He didn’t have much, but he wanted to spend what he had to make others smile on Christmas.

The more worried Otis got, the more sick he got.

Soon Otis wasn’t able to get up and move around. He could barely eat, but he managed. He knew he had to eat to stay healthy.

His mom knew something wasn’t right and tried to assure him over and over again that he was going to be okay and that no one needed presents.

Otis disagreed. He thought that this was what Christmas was all about. Presents for everyone. Getting that perfect gift to make someone smile.

No matter how much his mom argued, he insisted. So she let him be. She was going to have to let him figure it out on his own.

Two days before Christmas, Otis took off down the lane. He was determined he was going to get some amazing presents. That was fine and dandy until Otis’ legs started to give out. He wasn’t strong enough to make the trip into town. He was by himself and no one there to help him. This was scary for Otis and he, for once in his life, didn’t know what to do.

As Otis laid on the ground he began to panic. He wasn’t prepared for this. He was so worried about pleasing others and making others happy that he forgot to really take care of himself. Otis didn’t know what he was going to do. His first thought, “I’m not going to be able to take any presents.” Then his second thought, “If I even make it there.” Otis began to cry.

All of a sudden Otis saw a light. A beautiful bright light! Behind the light he saw a man. The man was wearing red overalls and had a mustache. Who in the world could this be Otis thought?? SANTA? Is this Santa? But no, Santa doesn’t come until Christmas Eve and today was the 23rd, so who on earth was this? Then he heard him say, “Otis, your mother is worried sick about you!!!” It was Otis’ Grandpa, Leroy.

“Oh Grandpa!!! I’m so glad to see you,” was all Otis could manage to say. Grandpa Leroy loaded Otis into the truck and trailer and they headed back home.

Otis looked at his Grandpa and said, “Oh my goodness! Thank you so much for finding me! Can you please take me into town to get presents for everyone?”

Grandpa stopped the truck and looked right into Otis’ big brown eyes and said, “No, I will not. Your mother has been worried sick about you. All she has wanted for Christmas is for you to get better. For you to be healthy. You’re her present. You’re her happiness. You are what makes her smile. Not the presents Otis. Not the amount of money you spend on her, but the amount of time you spend with her. I’m taking you home to give her the best Christmas present the good Lord can give her. Your safety, your health, and your love.”

Otis learned a lesson that cold winter day. Christmas wasn’t about presents. It was about being the best person you can be for the people that love you the most. Being there for people who need you. Having a heart of gold and sharing it with the world. So, to this day, that is what Otis gives his friends and family–the most love, attention, and dedication they could ever dream of. They couldn’t be happier and their smiles couldn’t be brighter!


Merry Christmas everyone!! Love Kellie and Otis!!