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A Look Inside Our Barn

When I was taking pictures one day I followed dad around the farm to document what we did on the farm. Well, we went into the barn and I really forgot how beautiful it is. It’s around 100 years old and still holds small square bales to this day. So I hope you enjoy some of the pictures! I absolutely love them!

Just after a fresh snow.


Hay that was freshly made last summer, now sitting comfortably in the barn!


Just love this!


Dad will wipe the snow off the bales before he throws it in the manger for the calves.


Something so bright and beautiful about this picture!


The sun coming through the boards looks so cool! (There is space between the boards to allow air flow through the barn.)


This little guy gets quite the workout during the summer. This is the bale conveyor. It takes bales from one spot to another!


I use to swing on this pole when I was little. Still can when the hay is high enough. Other than that, this old girl isn’t that flexible anymore!


There are holes on the side of the barn so that dad can just throw bales to a manger below. Here he is looking down to make sure he got the bale scattered just perfectly. I will take a video soon to show you how he does this!


No matter the weather outside, the barn is always calm and peaceful.


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  • I think I like photo #3 the best.

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