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7 Reasons Kids Shouldn’t Be Raised on Farms

That’s right. I’ll admit it. Kids should never be raised on a farm because we learn these awful traits and habits.

1.) We’ve been taught respect. Some kids have to learn that at school or never do. Unfortunately, we have never had the option of not. Elders were always be given the utmost respect and helping out a neighbor was a necessity. Respect was something earned, not given.

2.) Our work ethic came at an early age. We didn’t have to get a job in high school to start to figure out what hard work was and how it impacts our lives. We learned to work hard, fast, and correctly. That really helped us in our school work and later in our lives as adults in the working world.

3.) We watched the world change around us daily. The life cycle was a huge part of our lives. We watched death, new life, new beginnings, growth, and change. We learned the importance of life and how easily it can be taken away. Every day was a learning experience.

4.) We avoided getting into trouble at school or at home because there were always consequences. Yes, that’s right. We were disciplined. We were taught right and wrong. We were taught life lessons.

5.) We always tried our hardest. We always gave it our all. Not just on the farm, but at school, for our friends, for our families, for our neighbors and anyone that needed our help. Some people say we try too hard (and trust me, I’ve been told this a lot), but we tried. Being nice, helpful, and thinking of others is what we do.

6.) We learned the value of a dollar. We didn’t grow up with money and many of our parents went through some very tough situations that kept us humble. Money didn’t drive us to achieve goals, success did.

7.) We’re considered nice people. Whether you need a helpful hand, a door held open, a smile on a bad day, or some food on your plate–we’re here to help you. We’ve been raised to have high morals.


You see what I mean? We really don’t need more farm kids in this world.



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  • Please tell this is a joke, because you listed all the things farm kids learn, and I’ve never seen a city slicker express any of them, it is actually rather offensive how you cast rural people in a negative, and incorrect, light. I was raised on a farm my whole life until these last few years when I had to move to the city due to certain circumstances, and it has been the worst experience of my life. People who live in the city almost always tend to be extremely rude, and ignorant of life outside of their cellphones and computers. While country folk do tend to have some negative traits, they are usually far and few between, and you didn’t list a single one of them in your list, in fact each point that you make as to why someone should be raised on a farm are all points used in the counter argument, in all honesty before I reached the last line of your list, I had actually assumed you had a typo in the title and it was meant to be reasons why kids should be raised country. I felt extreme outrage at the article when it came across my news feed on Facebook, and felt an immediate need to comment upon this. It is fine to prefer your life to others, but at least look at other life styles, and experience them, before you preach about how terrible they are. Because of this list I can garentee you never grew up on the average North American farm, or you would have realized all those points that were made are in fact false to the tone of the message. That is all, and I thank for your time, if you suffered through to the end of this rant I thank you, and I do apologize if my rant struck a negative nerve, but that is how that made me feel. Have a good day otherwise, and I hope you learn how things truly are with farm life. And how much hardship is in rural living, and all the good that come thru it.

    • I’m sorry you didn’t understand. My title is titled as so because it’s a marketing tool to get people to read this post. When you read all the reasons you would understand that I was stating things that are correct about farm kids and what they learn. I did grow up on a farm my entire life and was never handed things. This kind of post is known as a sartorial piece. I’m sorry you were offended, but everything I stated was true about farm kids. We are respectful. We learn hard work. We help others. I wasn’t saying life on the farm is terrible, I was explaining how amazing it makes a person.

      • I loved it!!! Hard to believe that Darcy being raised on a farm did not get that you were praising kids raised on a farm and the good things they learn. Especially loved the title. I work in a school and there is a difference, in kids that are raised in the country, those in the city but also having time spent in the country for periods of time and those raised only in the city. Makes me very sad for those that never have the opportunity to spend time in the country!!!! Some kids being raised in the city have the advantage of having family living in the country and having farm life experiences or vice-versa, hopefully they are able to glean the best of both worlds and use them in their lives. Living on the farm, wish everyone could have the opportunity, what a world we would have today!!!

        • Thank you! And I know there are two sides to every story, but I don’t know what it’s like to grow up in the city so I can’t really write about it. Just love where I came from and what I worked for!

      • satirical, sorry to pick nits, nice post

  • Nice post! I know the feeling. I was raised on a farm too. At the very young age I was learned to be independent.

    • It really did teach us to do things ourselves! I wouldn’t trade it for the world.

  • Do you want someone to clap for you? I have people who grew up in a farm and are the nicest people I know and I also know many others who grew up in cities and knows the value of hard work and who are good people. I

    • This has nothing to do with ‘bashing’ city people. Sometimes it’s just nice to be reminded what we came from and what we worked for. I have a lot of friends that are from the city and didn’t take this post as disrespectful because they understood what I all did growing up and how fast I had to grow up compared to them. Sorry you didn’t like the post.

  • People crack me up…everyone wants to take offense when the title to this story is obviously said with sarcasm…nice though it is…lol. Goodness! I wasn’t raised on a farm but married a farmer and my children have been raised on our farm…it’s a lot of hard work but you appreciate everything you have and so did my children. Nothing is handed to you and they worked for everything they ever got be it a toy or their first cell phone. They are respectful of their elders and have a great work ethic. Now I’m not saying kids that live in town don’t know how to work and be respectful so nobody get your panties in a twist….lol But you sure appreciate what you have when your haulin in hay or tobacco in 100 degree weather to pay for it! Just sayin…..

  • Love it!!! Read it and they are all the reasons we work our ass off to stay on our farm. Our kids will be better humans for it!!!

  • Best place in the world for kids to grow up Kn ow ing what Faring is like

    • You bet! You learn what school can’t teach.

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  • You forgot #8 — They can recognize sarcasm.

    • Literally laughed out loud! We sure do! …. but obviously some can’t! hahah I’ve been getting some people that are very upset because they think I’m mocking farm kids, when I’m absolutely not.

  • You forgot #8 — They learn to identify sarcasm.

  • Raised on a farm an raised my kids on one a boss I always hire people who have farm backgrounds because I KNOW they understand work .

    • I love people like you who understand that farm kids really do understand work!

  • This is bull shit I have been raised on a farm sense I was born so

    • Mickey did you read the post? The title is a marketing tool to get readers to actually read my blog. If you read them, you would know that everything I listed is true about farm kids and makes us out to be pretty amazing people. I grew up on a farm. I am a farm kid.

  • What wasn’t mentioned in the post was that the work week on a dairy farm is 7 calendar days.The day was done when the work was done;not when the whistle blew! No one even thinks of the common expression, “Thank God It’s Friday!”

    • I totally forgot about that! SUCH a good point! … You weren’t done for the day until everything was done! And done correctly!

  • Beautiful article, I am from Argentina and it is totally true over here too. Congratulations for your words.

    • Thank you very much! I’m glad you enjoyed it.

  • Irony, I love irony. Good post! I grew up in a horse barn. As a teen I babysat 3 year old twins one summer. The mom was amazed at my patience with them. LOL, I’ve been dealing with about 13 horses almost daily. Animals teach patience.

    • Oh they do indeed! Sorting is NEVER fun!

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