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Why Everyone Loves the “Good Ole’ Boys”

You’ve all heard about the ‘good ole boys’. You’ve all heard about what they are, what they’ve done, and what describes them. But do you ever really stop and think about why everyone really loves them?

They are the best story tellers. Their stories are from years ago and so full of detail. An important aspect is never left behind. Emotion and passion is so visible on their face that you almost feel as if you’re sitting there watching the scene take place.

Lesson learning is something they excel at. It doesn’t matter if it is through a story from the past or just chewing your butt when you did something stupid. They’re always there to point out your flaws and help you grow. Not because they think they’re better than you, but because they see the good in you and know you’re better than that.

The good ole boys don’t seem to stray from the truth. They don’t care who ya are. If they think you need to know or they just want you to know, they’ll tell ya. It never comes off as rude or ignorant. Sometimes it even comes off as funny because you can’t believe just how honest they are. You respect their opinion, but make sure not to argue their point.

Kindness radiates through them. They are the first one to open the door for you, tell your significant other that he’s a ‘lucky man and to hold on tight’, smile as you pass, wave to you on the highway, and give you that extra penny you need at the cash register. They come off as real ‘tough guys’, but they’re the sweetest and most wonderful men you will ever meet.

They’re a legacy. They are normally that guy you still talk about after he passes. You quote him multiple times a day, tell your kids what he would have done in situations, and silently laugh when you know he would have kicked your butt for doing something stupid.




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  • Very nice post Kellie! I’ve very fortunate to have many “good ole boys” in my life.

    • Thanks Val! I am too—and you gotta love them!

  • Love this post!! “Good ole boys” are my all time favorite people!

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