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Preparing to Garden

Well. I’m over winter. Iowa hasn’t had a terrible winter by any means, but I’m just sick of it. I suffer from winter depression and I’m getting to the point where I’m completely over it. I’m a bit dramatic that way.

BUT I am ready for garden season! Like, REALLY ready!

Here’s what I plan on planting this year:

Red potatoes

Yukon gold potatoes


Raspberries (starting the bushes at least)

Blueberries (starting the bushes at least)


….and I’m sure I’ll do some other things, but these are the main things that I like to can, use, and eat.


So to get started, I’m thinking of buying a little greenhouse to start my plants in. I tried to do it in my house for the last few years and it’s just not working. So I think the greenhouse will help substantially. My basement may work well too. Buy a light and put that on them. I haven’t decided what approach I will do. What do you think will work the best?

Next is figuring out where I’m going to place my garden. I would like to put in a very sunny spot, but I also want my clothesline in a sunny spot. I’m going to have to do a little finagling to figure out the best spot. If I don’t find a spot I do have a ‘big bag bed’! …. It’s a raised bed, but portable so each year you can put it in different spots! Plus it helps better with irrigation than a wooden box! Check it out! Amazon has some! I haven’t used it yet, but I will give you a review at the end of the growing season! I think I’m going to put my raspberry and blueberry bushes in large mineral tubs (big black buckets) to start them. This way I figure out where they grow best on the farm. If they like it in a sunnier, breezier spot, then I can move them there. Or if they need a little shade I can move them. I LOVE raspberries so this is my biggest goal this year!

Then I need to go through all of my gardening materials and see what I all need. I’m thinking that I’m pretty good on most things–I’ll just need to purchase some soil and seeds. (I’m going to work on composting this year too so I don’t have to buy soil all the time!!)

Are any of you going to be doing some planting? Have any of you had a garden before? I had one my entire life growing up and now that the Farmer and I have a home of our own I officially want to start my own garden. What is your favorite thing to plant?

I’m so excited!!!

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  • Yes, I’ve been gardening for years. Do you compost your used cow bedding? Makes for good compost. My one suggestion for you would be to do a soil test for your berries. Blueberries like a specific soil ph and you will have better luck with them if you check with your local co-operative extension agent to see which varieties are recommended for you area and adjust your soil for them. Also, check out Dr Arlie Powell on U-Tube. He talks about varieties for the Carolinas, but he really knows his stuff when it comes to growing fruits! Plus his videos are all sunny, so you can get a vicarious sunshine fix too LOL.

    • Those are all really great ideas!! I never thought of getting my soil tested!! And since I can control the soil better in the buckets that should work great! Thanks for your help!

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