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Pets Aren’t Farm Animals

When we think of a ‘pet’ we think of a cute and fluffy kitty. We think of playing fetch with our puppy dogs. So why do some people believe that farm animals are pets? They aren’t soft or fluffy.

The definition of a pet from Merriam-Webster dictionary is: a domesticated animal kept for pleasure rather than utility.

Utility, huh. Isn’t that what we use farm animals for—a utility of a constant food supply for the entire world? I believe so.

I’ve made of list of reasons why farm animals are not pets:

1.)    They provide us with essential nutrients.

2.)    Even though they are considered domesticated they can still harm you in severe ways.

3.)    They’re too big to fit in our house

4.)    You need more than a ‘bag of food’ from the grocery store to satisfy their nutritional needs.

5.)    They don’t cuddle or love you. They barely trust you.

6.)    You can’t potty train them.

7.)    They don’t know how to play fetch and you can’t teach them.

8.)    They have hides, not a coat of fur, so they are meant to be outside ALL the time.

9.)    They like to be in herds. Living alone does not make them happy.

10.)  If we kept every animal, we wouldn’t have enough resources to feed them all.

So next time you think about a cow, sheep, horse, turkey, chicken, dairy cow, or pig as a ‘pet’ please remember these 10 simple reasons as to why they AREN’T pets.

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  • Well not all farm animals are huge… like my bunnies… who are essentially livestock but I treat them as pets! LOL I also call me goats pets but they really are for milk. Oh darn it kills me to say that.

  • Great points! People need to realize there is a different between pets and livestock. Like you said if every animal was a pet, we’d die of starvation.

  • Nice post. I think the key is the first point you made – they provide us essential nutrients. We breed them for those things.

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