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I’m a HypoChondriac and Still Eat GMO’s.

Merriam-Webster’s definition of hypochondria is: unusual or excessive concern about your health : a tendency to fear or imagine that you have illnesses that you do not actually have.

Unfortunately, I have this. It’s a difficult disease to deal with and really puts a ‘cramp’ in my lifestyle. I’ve gotten better with this, but I still can never just have the flu. I have to think that I’m dying of toxic shock syndrome. I can’t have a headache without thinking that I have a tumor on my brain or get a cramp in my stomach without thinking I have appendicitis. I constantly think that terrible things are happening to me.  Some people think I’m being dramatic, I think something serious is happening to me.

101                                        No one said I was normal to begin with. 😉

That’s why I’m befuddled with people that don’t have this disease. For me, as a hypochondriac, I can think something is happening to me with having just one symptom. But I HAVE a symptom. A GMO product hasn’t been proven to have ANY symptoms to harm anyone or anything. It doesn’t give anyone a reason to fear anything. I know that I can eat a piece of corn that has had it’s DNA re-figured and be ‘a-okay’! There isn’t a warning label on the box. There isn’t a commercial stating all the things that can happen to me if I eat that corn. BECAUSE THERE ISN’T ANYTHING WRONG.


Think of all the things you take that CAN cause you problems. You still take them, right? You know that you need them. Well that’s kind of how food works too. You kind of need it to survive. There aren’t any warning labels on the GMO food you’re eating. There has been no scientific proof that it causes any harm to the human body. If it did, don’t you think something would have showed up by now? And don’t tell me that your kid is maturing faster because of the food. Maybe if they weren’t overweight and doing something besides playing video games they would be healthier and their body would function correctly. I’ve been eating GMO products my whole life and I’ve been ‘average’ the entire time.


I would also like to point out that farmers aren’t planting GMO products to cause harm to anyone. They are just trying to feed the world. We’re running out of land to farm and have a growing population. If you come up with a better idea to feed the world, I’m willing to listen.

As a hypochondriac, I feel there are many more things to worry about. Things that can happen daily. Have you heard of Sepsis? Ya, that’s something you REALLY should be concerned about. That’ll sneak up and get ya. I think I have it about every 3 months.


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  • thank you for writing this, I 100% agree with you and it makes me mad to no end when people complain about GMOs, must be a farm girl thing? lol

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