Garden Love

Growing My Own Flowers…Hopefully


Every year I go CRAZY when it comes to planting flowers. My mom always jokes that I’m going to have a flower bed instead of a yard. I spend at least $200.00 in flowers every year. Granted, most people would find this a waste of money. I find it worth every penny. Watching flowers grow and blossom throughout the summer is amazing. I love going outside, watering them, picking off the dead blossoms, and waiting for new blooms.

Anyway. So I waste a lot of money on things that die every year. I’m really trying to be more frugal this year and watch what I spend. So instead of waiting until the spring and buying flowers that have already been started, I’m going to try to grow my own.

Even better. I’m going to try to grow perennials. Perennials are flowers that come back every year. They are flowers that are absolutely beautiful and full of amazing scents. I’m also growing some annuals, but perennials are more expensive so I’m trying to grow more of them.

So I’ve bought the ‘greenhouse’ containers. The plant-able pots . The starting soil. The seeds. (Which were only 1.35 compared to $13.00 a plant! Yee!!) And I’m starting the growing process.

So far I’ve got the seeds planted. Now I get to enjoy the growing process. I get to watch these flowers start from the very beginning. I get to enjoy every part of their life. I honestly can’t wait to see them poking through the soil and then really take off growing.

Now the tricky part. Waiting. Hoping. PRAYING these bad boys actually start growing. Wish me luck! I’ll keep you posted!