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Farm Size Doesn’t Matter

Did you know it’s considered rude to ask a farmer how big their farm is? Do you know why? It’s because most farmers don’t feel the need to tell anyone how big their farm is, because it shouldn’t matter. Farm size doesn’t define how good of a farmer you are.

Farm size doesn’t mean you make more money or less money.

Farm size doesn’t make you a better or worse farmer.

Farm size doesn’t mean you have the best or worst of anything.

Farm size doesn’t mean you’ve been given everything or had to work for everything.

Farm size doesn’t make products better or worse for consumers.

All that farm size does make a difference on is how MUCH a farmer can produce. That is all. I don’t think that I need to go into more detail and more explanation. Just realize that when you’re talking to a farmer, remember that they still raise food for the entire world—not just their family. Treat all farmers equal and with respect.


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  • Exactly! All farms, no matter the size, have the same goals: Provide a comfortable home for animals, be environmentally friendly, and harvest a quality product.

  • Great post Kellie! No matter the size, we all have the same goals.

  • And….Val couldn’t have said it better. This is a message I wish mainstream public could hear loud n clear!

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