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Same Standards on Any Size Farm - Kellie For Ag

Same Standards on Any Size Farm

I published the graphic below the other day and I had a HUGE response! I was thrilled!



Except when I started seeing people’s comments:

I think giant factory farms are the problem. Our local farmers treat their animals humanely, and they have superior quality products as a result.

Don’t forget, the slaughterhouses seem to be where most of the worst barbaric practices occur. But they seem to be more connected with the factory farms. Locally, there are now mobile slaughterhouses that do it on site, while others allow the cows to pasture a few days before slaughter. Relaxed cows produce better steaks.

Maybe this is true on small farms but the meat at grocery stores comes from generally tortured animals.

Small family owned farms do take very good care of their animals. The large conglomerates do not. And heart disease is the number one killer of Americans. Meat products are the main cause of this.


The above statements couldn’t be any more incorrect. I didn’t make this graphic to explain smaller farmers. It doesn’t even say ‘small farmers’. I didn’t make this graphic to pick out only a ‘few’ good cattle farmers. It was explaining everyone involved in the cattle industry.

The meat I raise goes to the grocery stores. It goes to fast food restaurants. It goes where ever beef  is needed. When I sell my cattle they are not sold to someone who only requests small family farm beef. There is no such thing. The meat at grocery stores is from all kinds of quality beef farmers.

If you put one of my calves next to a feedlot calf, how would you tell the difference? You can’t. If you put the meat products from one of my calves next to a feedlot calf’s meat products how would you tell the difference? You can’t, because there is no difference. All meat products are produced with the same quality standards.

What is a factory farm anyway? None of these comments explain to me what this is.

And I understand that butchering animals is a sensitive topic, but to use the word ‘barbaric’? Carving meat is truly an art and takes patience. I encourage everyone to visit their local butcher and have them walk you through the process. You will not see anything barbaric happening–especially since there are laws in place to keep these places clean and with the latest up-to-date procedures. They’re cleaner than your own house.

How can I know that farmer’s are all using the same quality standards? Because farmers need to make a living and they can’t make a living off of poorly treated animals. Did you know that farmers are graded on their meat quality? They get paid on how well their meat quality is. Animals that don’t live a good life don’t make good beef products which don’t make that farmer money. Farmers need to feed their families too, so producing good quality meat products is a must.

Farmers, of any size farm, are making sure that animals have food when they are hungry. They are making sure they always have a soft, warm place to lay. They are giving them the best quality food and nutrients to keep them healthy and full. Veterinarians and nutritionists are involved to provide advice, help, and guidance to keep their animals strong, healthy, and happy.

Please ask a farmer if you have any questions. Visit a farm–not just a small one–to see what is really happening.