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11 Ways You Know You’re a Farmer

I seriously just love doing lists about farm life. I’m not sure why, I guess it’s because I love realizing small things about it as I write.

This list got started in my head when I was at the local farm store. I sat there and was picking out farmers vs. town people, then I was trying to guess what the farmer raised, and then I finally came to the realization that I should write a blog about what makes a farmer, a ‘farmer’. Hope you enjoy my list because it makes me smile when I think of all the farmers out there and how alike we all are!

1.) You wear a hat with the kind of corn you plant. (Pioneer, DeKalb, LG)


2.) You have boots for two seasons, spring and winter.


3.) You have work clothes and good clothes. They’re not the same thing. Your work clothes aren’t for public eyes.


4.) You have your farm name on either your truck, semi, or trailer.


5.) You are very  much a ‘brand based’ person. From your truck, to your seed corn, to your tractors.

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6.) You call your friends to see how much rain they got a mile down the road. 


8.) Your snapchats, instagram pictures, facebook, and twitter are full of farm pictures.


8.) In the fall and spring you have no life AND LOVE IT! Get that corn planted/picked.


9.) You’re always willing to help a neighbor and you’re very family based.


10.) You go to the local feed store to get all the ‘gossip’.


11.) You wouldn’t want any other life.




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  • Haha. The brand based thing is so true. It’s a real loyalty thing. Number 6 cracked me up too, because it really ties in with number 10. “At coffee” (the term for the morning farmer gossip meeting in my area) it is funny to listen to everyone talk about how much rain they did or didn’t get. There are always a couple guys who are constantly trying to one-up the other. Either they experienced the genesis flood, or their field has been lost in the desert for 40 years haha. Good list. Thanks for sharing.

  • What a great list! Number 6 made me chuckle! 🙂

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