Farm Life

Why We Do What We Do–A Farmer’s Tale

A lot of people wonder why farmer’s do the things to animals that they do. Do you think that these people ever ASK a farmer? Probably not. They go undercover and see people who aren’t doing things correctly and then start an uproar. One of these occasions was when someone went into Hiland Eggs and caught some workers not doing things correctly. The worst thing is that they saw chickens being ground up. This does seem terrible and cruel, but no one asked any questions about why they did this. The chickens that were being ground are used for another food supplement–one that you might feed your dog. Many chicken companies do this because there isn’t enough feed or space to keep chickens that won’t produce very much meat and cost more to keep than to allow another animal to eat. The chick feels no pain because part of the machine breaks their neck instantly, so there is no pain or feeling. I personally don’t like that they get ground up either, but it’s the way of life. People also don’t understand why we clip chickens beaks. Well chickens are one of the most cannibalistic animal there is and they eventually kill each other by pecking them to death. Ever wonder where the someone came up with the ‘pecking order’?

Farmers do everything in life for a reason. Some of it does seem unfair.  Just like how human rights activist think they’re saving animals by putting them in shelters and then killing them 30 days later. Farmer’s spend a lot of time trying to make sure that everyone is happy, healthy, taken care, and out of harms way. We don’t like having to do some of the things either. We don’t get our kicks by having to put a cow down, by clipping tails on pigs, or debeaking chickens. We do it for the better health and life of the animal. I’m one of the most sensitive people about having to do this, but I know I’m doing it for a better reason. Just like giving your kids shots–you do it because you love them. Well we love our animals. They’re our family and livelihood.