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Why a Farmer is the Perfect Husband - Kellie For Ag
Farm Life

Why a Farmer is the Perfect Husband

I don’t think that anyone else gets to have a husband quite as unique as we do. Some may take that last sentence as mean or rude, but I mean it in the most adoring way possible. Our husbands care for hundreds of babies every year–they just aren’t the human kind. They can be chicks, piglets, calves, lambs, etc. They have the most humane and kindest minds. Not many men would go out in a blizzard to save a baby calf. Not many men would install video cameras in their babies room so they can watch them constantly to make sure they’re okay. Not many men can read the thoughts of a baby that can’t talk or tell them what’s wrong. Not many men can diagnose a baby just by looking at it. Farm men can. They have to. They have to care for their livestock better than they can their own children. It’s their livelihood. It’s their passion, their happiness.

How many men can leave their wives for two seasons out of the year and still come back home as if nothing had happened. That’s what a harvest/planting widow does for their farm man. We know they’re outside busting their butts to make sure there is food on the table and on other people’s tables. (How could Walmart or HyVee or Fareway survive if there wasn’t produce and meat products for them to sell?) We do enjoy riding in the tractors, helping alongside of them, and bringing them food, but most of the time our husbands are MIA on the farm those months. It gives us our own time to do our things and remind of us of how much we love them.

Farm men keep us in shape. (At least around my farm) There is no sitting around and watching them work. We have to get our hands dirty too. It keeps us young, stress free (well….), and in shape. Not only do we stay in shape, we work together as a team. Sorting cattle requires more team work than anything I’ve ever done. It takes two to make one animal go in the right direction. It takes two to unload on the go. It takes two working as one to keep a marriage healthy. It takes two to keep a farm running strong. It takes one amazing farmer to make it happen.

Farm men grow to be the sweetest old men. I was once told by an old farmer that I was just so beautiful that he could stare at me all day. Some people would think this is creepy, but farm men experience beauty everyday of their life and old farmers just like to enjoy it like the old days–just in a different form. Old farmers experienced so many beautiful and awful things in their lives that they have a different perspective on life. They understand that there is bad and good in life and you just have to be prepared for every situation. My father is one of these people. He has one of the kindest hearts, but never takes life for granted. Young farmers are so fun to age and see how farming changes them as a man. As their wife you get to see this, everyday. Even in my young relationship I see how farming changes my man. A good day on the farm makes for a happy, carefree, fun, and excited man. A bad day on the farm shows his perseverance, stamina, determination, and dedication to his cattle and family farm.

Loving a farmer is so much more than most women think. It’s a marriage that bonds you to land, animals, crops, equipment, stress, a lifestyle of gambling(stock markets), and being with a man that makes it all worth it. He is the all American man.