Agriculture Advocacy

What Women Do For Their Farmers

So you think farmer’s wives just cook, clean, and do laundry? BOY ARE YOU WRONG. She is the part of the family that holds everything together. And let me just set you straight right away—-she does WAY more than just cook, clean, and do laundry, but she does do a damn good job of all those things.

A farmer’s wife is the one that helps him everyday. She helps hold him together. She helps with the bookwork, keeping track of expenses, paying bills, balancing the checkbook.

A farmer’s wife is the one that is right alongside him outside. She is either in the tractor hauling wagons in, helping open gates, sorting animals, getting yelled at for something she really didn’t do, and keeping her composure while the farmer is having a breakdown.

A farmer’s wife is really the head of the household. She gets the kids ready for school, gets her husband ready for the workday, and she is always putting herself last. The things she wants to do is always last on the list. She doesn’t seem to notice though because she is busy keeping everyone else happy and things moving smoothly on the farm.

A farmer’s wife is an errand runner. She is bringing lunch out to her husband (and his hired help if he has any). She is going into town (which is always at least 30 minutes away) to get parts when things break down. Never loosing her cool, she continues to do what is asked of her and always puts a smile on her face. She lives for this. This is what she married and she was beyond prepared. After all, she’s been doing these things since she was a young girl on her farm.

                                   You see, some farmer’s wives have already been doing this their whole life. They had mothers that taught them what is expected if you marry a farmer.  

                                   I will always and forever be grateful to my mother for teaching me the ropes of loving and caring for a farm man.

My mother! She’s an angel in disguise and my father’s right hand ‘man’.

A farmer’s wife is a caretaker. FOR ALL. She gets to take care of the babies that need a mother when theirs don’t want them. She takes care of her own babies. She takes care of her husband. The farmer’s wife is also helping her own father back at her home farm. She is a volunteer for many events and always helping take care of projects in the community. She is an inspiration for all of us and she doesn’t even know it.

You see, a farmer’s wife is more like mother nature in life form. She is always ready for storm because she knows when it’s coming. She can sense it. She’s there to take care of all creatures–no matter the severity–she always seems to be able to heal them. She can calm a storm with her personality. She is there to help with her land and take care of it–to preserve it. She is an amazing woman who is always prepared for whatever is thrown her way. As long as she has her man by her side, her children, and her farm, she is content as can be. That is all she needs in life.


What do you farm wives think? Does this describe you? Girls that aren’t married yet–does this describe you somewhat? Let me know what else you think a farm wive does that others don’t know!