Farm Life

Farm Girl Tips

1.) When you’re sorting cattle, just forget everything that is screamed at you across the yard. I promise they don’t mean what they say.

2.) Everyone loves the smell of fresh cut hay unless they have to unload small square bales. If you are lucky enough girl, like me, who gets to unload them–make sure to wear a wet bandana around your neck to keep cool, be tough and wear a tank top to get a great tan, and take some allergy medicine if you’re stuck in the barn.

3.) Allow your husband, father, or boyfriend to believe everything he does on the farm is correct. Then do it your way.

4.) Bucket bottle calves are a great way to teach kids responsibility.

5.) Having a garden is great, just make sure you have your kids to weed it. (At least that’s what my dad did.)

6.) It’s always too wet or too dry. Seriously.

7.) Treat your animals like your family.

8.) Don’t be color blind. (Green or Red, they both get the job done)

9.) Happiness is sitting in a feed bunk and letting the calves lick your legs, arms, and face.

10.) Make every job a family adventure–from hauling manure to making hay.

11.) You look cute in a charhartt and rubber boots. Ask any farmer.

12.) Don’t get attached to animals. They magically disappear.

13.) A good dog is your best friend when opening gates by yourself.

14.) It’s okay to blame others for mistakes you did. They aren’t around to hear you blame them.

15.) Rocky Mountain Oysters are a fun thing to tease people about. And they taste good too!

16.) Jammin’ out in the tractor is completely acceptable.

17.) Never speak/breath out your mouth while cow is pooping near you. Could be hazardous.

18.) You can never love your animals too much.

19.) Walking out to the pasture and looking at your animals can always relieve the worst kind of stress.

20. Be PROUD of the farmer you are and what you’ve become.