Random Life of Kellie

Who is Kellie For Ag?

Many of you know that I have quite the passion for agriculture. But what else do I do? Who am I? Well who better to tell you than me! 🙂

I’m a cat freak. I freakin’ love cats. I can’t really explain why, but I do. They are absolutely wonderful animals. I love to push my face into their fur and snuggle them. Does this make me weird? You bet it does. Do I care? Not a chance.

I have a puppy (not really a puppy, she’s a year old now) Lily! She’s quite the dog. She’s a blue heeler, australian shepard, and border collie mix. She’s kinda nuts. Not mean nuts, but she is extremely hyper. And boy can she run. I read an article in a fitness magazine about taking your dog running with you–so I did. BIG mistake. I needed an inhaler after that run. Plus, I was holding her back. She’d stop and look at me and her face screamed, “MOM HURRY UP!”. I love my Lily puppy though. I love her kisses, her dirty paws, her cute little eyes, and her stubby tail.


My boyfriend, let’s call him the Farmer, is an Ag Loan Officer and a Farmer. He’s my rock. He actually bought me Lily for my birthday last year and he puts up with Clark even though he HATES cats. Like REALLY hates them. He pushes me and that really upsets me sometimes. I’ve never had a man push me, but I’ve never had a man who believed in me. He’s the first man who didn’t try to ‘buy’ my love. He sees my potential in everything I do and he supports me in everything I do. He pushes me because he knows I can do it. He drives red tractors and has black cattle. I have green tractors and red cattle. We may tease each other about which is better, but honestly, we just love that each other has a passion for cattle.


I may not have kids (yet) or married (yet), but my pets and my boyfriend make me pretty close.

Things I enjoy doing—scrap-booking, taking pictures, grooming cattle, showing cattle, being creative, decorating, gardening, planting flowers, riding my bike, riding horses, and fishing!


Thing I enjoy eating– PEPSI. I’m in love with Pepsi. I don’t eat that, but you get it. I do enjoy eating chili, beef stew, ham steak, beef casserole, tuna fish sandwiches with sweet pickles, sour cream and onion chips, funfetti cake, grapes, oranges, carrots with dip, nacho cheese, and other things that are terrible for you. With my new diet I’m trying to be healthier, but I’m not so good at it.

My flaws are not something I’m proud of, but I’m not perfect either. I swear too much and I like a nice drink every now and again. I’m a little blunt and sometimes my voice gets a little loud. I try really hard to hide my short comings, but sometimes they just slip out. Like I said, I’m not perfect.

I’m 25, 26 in a few weeks, have blonde hair, blue eyes, 5’6, and I weigh something. I have an amazing older sister, two beautiful nieces, and a wonderful brother-in-law. My parents have been married for 38 wonderful years and have taught me many things about life and farming. I went to Iowa State University and received my bachelors in Agricultural Communications and minored in Advertising. I love communicating for agriculture. I love spreading the good news of what we do!

I don’t like country music. I mean I like it, but it’s not one of my presets on my radio. I like rock and roll. I like to jam out and my music is always a little too loud.

I have a little bit of OCD and sometimes it gets very annoying–but my family and friends know about it so they just laugh at me while I’m spazzing out about something out of place.

Ok, so this was kind of a very random post and was just my collections about myself that I thought some of you would find interesting!


Have any questions about who I am or what I do? Just ask!

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  • I love getting to know you better, Kellie! Great post!

  • This was a really good post! I loved getting to know you better 🙂

    • Thanks Brandi! Appreciate it!

  • Stumbled on your website. This is awesome! Iowa farm girl, born & raised & currently debating about pursuing something in agriculture myself. Definitely going to have to keep up with your posts!

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