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What it Means to Be an Aunt at Christmas

Aunt Kellie. Aunt Telwie. Ant Kewwie. Keeeeewwwwiee! I love having ‘aunt’ before my name. I love being called Aunt Kellie and I love how my 2, almost 3, year old niece says my name every time she sees me. She comes running from the living room when she sees my car pull into her driveway, screaming my name. She likes to talk to ‘Telwie’ on the phone and tell her all about her day. I love how my, almost 1 year old, niece’s face lights up when she sees me walk into the room. I love her giggle and her big fat cheeks. I love holding them in my lap and cuddling them whenever I get the chance.

I love being an aunt to the two most wonderful, beautiful girls in the entire world. (Ok, in my opinion they are.)

That’s why Christmas is even more special as an aunt.

I don’t have children. I plan to someday, but the Farmer and I are working on getting married first. So, until that time, I enjoy every single moment I have with my nieces. Especially Christmas.

Being an aunt at Christmas means so many things to me, but here are a few of the reasons I came up with:

  • Buying that present that their mom said they couldn’t have
  • Giving them their favorite candy and watching them demolish it in a few minutes
  • Having your niece/nephew sit on your lap as they unwrap present after present that you spent countless hours looking for
  • Giggling for hours and sharing in all their memories
  • Showing them that I am and will always be there for them
  • Getting hugs and kisses for getting that ‘perfect’ gift
  • Being loved so much that your heart is about to burst
  • Sharing your dessert (because mom said they couldn’t have any more sugar after all that chocolate they scarfed down earlier in the day)
  • Watching their parent’s faces as they unwrap the presents you gave them. Which happens to be the most annoying, yet fun, toy ever
  • Taking pictures that last a lifetime (selfies if you’re my nieces)
  • Listening to their giggles and seeing their smiles
  • Realizing that another year has come and gone and you’re so very lucky to have these little people in your life (and you can’t wait to see what the future has in store for them)
  • Teaching them games to play for the rest of their lives
  • Taking an after dinner nap, all snuggled up together
  • and crying tears of joy when they go home because it’s going to be another whole year before you get to feel this amount of happiness again.

Being an aunt at Christmas isn’t about the gifts, the food, or the music. It’s about the joy that you feel. The happiness that radiates out of your heart and pours over your nieces or nephews. The laughs that make your belly hurt. The smiles that make your cheeks burn. It’s such a glorious day. No wonder Christmas is the most wonderful day of the year.


Merry Christmas everyone!



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