Kellie's '10 Cents'

The REAL Fluffy Cow

The new fad is the ‘Fluffy Cow’. As much as I love a good soft and fuzzy cow, I know that broadcasting this can be dangerous for the beef industry. Fluffy cows are NOT born that way. They are BRED to be like that. They are put into air conditioned buildings that allow their hair to grow to long lengths. They are then groomed to make the hair look more pronounced. They are bathed daily and broke to lead. Even though these animals are fluffy and cute, they still are butchered for beef. For the purpose that they were put on this earth. We can’t have fluffy cows becoming the new horse. We need to still be able to butcher these animals and produce beef. They ARE NOT PETS. THEY ARE MEAT. I showed animals and appreciate that business and enjoyed every minute of it. We just can’t allow animal rights activists to believe it is something it’s not. We are still showing MEAT, not hair. We need to make sure everyone understands the difference. Animal rights activates already have a hold of this and are going to run with it. Let’s make sure they can’t. Let’s keep beef, beef. Let’s eat beef and get the nutrients we need from it. Image

(Picture of a herd of non-fluffy cows)

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