Subway, I’m Choosing to Care for My Animals.

A couple of days ago Subway made an announcement that all their meat would be antibiotic free. Well here’s my ‘beef’ with this.

Subway would rather let an animal suffer and die from a simple sickness that could easily be treated with an antibiotic. Where are the animal rights activist on this one? Probably eating at Subway because they like ‘antibiotic free meat’. Some animal humanitarians they are. Mental head slap.

NEWS FLASH. All meat that you consume has no antibiotic residue. No meat is allowed into the food system if it has been treated with an antibiotic. There are withdrawal periods for all antibiotics. A farmer isn’t allowed to sell an animal within that withdrawal period. Veterinarians let farmers know what the withdrawal period is and check in with the farmers to see how the animal is doing.

So think about this. Would you rather eat a product that was treated with an antibiotic or something that died with a virus IN its’ system? I guess I would take the animal that was treated humanely and then had no traces of the antibiotic in it.

Some animals are NEVER treated with an antibiotic. For example. On my farm we have around 70 calves that we are constantly caring for. Every year we may have around 2-3 that get sick. Not all 70. So that means that means 67-68 of our calves have never had an antibiotic. We don’t treat every calf with an antibiotic for a precaution when one gets sick. That cost WAY too much money. That would be like you getting an antibiotic for everyone in your family if one child has strep throat. It doesn’t make sense and it’s expensive.

So Subway. Do you feel good about letting animals die so you could serve an ‘antibiotic free’ sandwich which would have been already antibiotic free with the help of medicine?

I’m mainly upset about this announcement because Subway seems to think they’re making the world better by serving antibiotic free meat. Really Subway, because I think I’m making a difference by using modern medicine to treat deadly diseases, care for my cattle, and give them the best life ever.

I won’t be eating at Subway. I refuse to be supportive of this. I work so hard to show others how much I care and love my animals. Now it’s ‘cool’ to let them die from disease instead of treating it? You wouldn’t do that to your dog. You wouldn’t let that happen to your horse. Just because they’re not our pets doesn’t mean we don’t care the same amount.


— Kellie


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