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South Dakota Tragedy

I have been wondering if I should even write anything about the South Dakota blizzard that had tragic effects on farmers. It’s not something easy for me to comprehend or even be able to express what happened without experiencing it first hand.  So here are my thoughts:

Imagine being stuck inside your house and not being able to venture outside and help your children, knowing their lives were at high risks. Take that feeling and then being able to get outside and seeing your children, dead, in the middle of a snow drift, frozen. Combine this thought with walking outside your front door and seeing your life literally burst into flames. Everything you worked for, gone. You have to start from scratch. This is the feeling that I get when I think about what the #SouthDakotaRanchers felt like after they walked out of their houses after the horrible blizzard.

I cry as I write this blog knowing that they DID lose their children. They DID lose their income for many years and all their hard is work gone. They raised those cows from babies, they were raising their calves to be the next best mother cow on the farm. They had to go out and find them. It must have been a horrible feeling. I can imagine the pain in their guts, hearts, and wallets.

All I want to say to ALL #southdakotaranchers is that everything in life happens for a reason. Your day will come when you realize why all your cattle were taken. My thoughts and silent prayers are with you all.

–A very sad Iowa Farm Girl.

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