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Perks of Being a Farmer

I thought on this sunny Sunday day I would write a post about what I really enjoy about getting to be a farmer! 🙂 Let me know what your favorites are! I’d love to add them to my blog!

1.) Freezer full of yummy beef, pork, and/or poultry at all times

2.) Growing up around animals decreases your chances for having allergies

3.) Companies seek farm kids to work at their businesses

4.) Your neighbors are around 3 acres away

5.) You actually know what hard work is

6.) You are also a vet, mechanic, welder, semi driver, and entrepreneur

7.) You know exactly where your food comes from

8.) You’ll never go hungry

9.) You have lots of pets–most are outside, but they’re still your babies

10.) You get to show livestock

11.) 4-H and FFA are kind of a big thing–which makes you kind of a big thing

12.) You’ve seen all stages of life

13.) You are your own boss and you make your own hours

14.) There is always something new and fun to do everyday

15.) You’re feeding the world

Let me know what your favorite things about being a farmer and I’ll add them!

Remember fellow farmers, always keep a smile on your face—you’ve got the best job around! 🙂

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  • The battle of producing something from a seed or plant.

  • (1.) Getting to see the miracle of life and birth.
    (2.) Knowing what death really means, having witnessed it before.
    (3.) Having a great understanding for life and death, a great amount of knowledge is handed down.
    (4.) It builds your mind, makes you tougher, and puts you up for hard tasks that you know you can get done.
    (5.) You don’t get grossed out by disgusting things, because you are absolutely used to it!

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  • I love working with the earth directly. Too much of us don’t get to do that these days. Living in a city can sometimes separate you from what really matters in life.

    Thanks for this post!
    Sophia Liam |


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