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My Love for Candy Corn

I keep seeing all these memes about how disgusting candy corn is and I’m appalled. Not really, but I guess I never understand why people have to hate on my candy corn.

You see, I don’t actually like it for its’ taste. I like it because it brings back some very wonderful memories for me. If you follow my facebook or read past blog post you know that I’m very close with my paternal grandfather. Grandpa was my favorite person in the entire world. (He still is, he’s just not here physically.)

Every Halloween my Grandpa would show up at my family’s home with a bag of candy corn. Such a random thing to bring, but him and I would sit in the rocking chair and eat a whole bag of candy corn together. He would laugh as I gobbled as many as I could. I can still remember his laugh.

Candy corn isn’t my favorite candy, but it’s something that brings back some of the best memories of my life. I buy a bag every year even though my waist doesn’t need it. I eat a few ‘kernels’ every day and think about the joy my Grandpa brought to my life. In the seven years he was in my life he gave me some of the best memories a little girl deserves to have with her Grandpa. Sometimes I cry as I eat it. Sometimes I just miss him.

It’s the little things in life. For me, it’s candy corn.

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  • Kellie, Thanks so much for sharing your wonderful memories. Isn’t it ironic how such small things can bring to mind such important parts of our lives? Thank you again.

  • I love candy corn, too. Also the candy corn pumpkins. Glad to meet another candy-corn-lovin’ gal for whatever reason we love it. Those two candies just speak Fall/Halloween to me. Those and frozen Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups ;~).

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