Random Life of Kellie

Kellie For Ag is Changing

You read that right. I’m changing. For the better. No I’m not going to stop taking picture of cows or telling my stories about farm life. I’m changing how I appear. And no. Not my face.


I’m losing weight. At first I was telling myself that I was doing it for the wedding and now that I’ve actually started losing weight and feeling better I realized I’m really just doing this for myself.

How am I doing it? The easy way. I got a personal trainer. And no. She doesn’t stand by me in the gym and scream at me like a Drill Sargent. She’s an online trainer. She sends me workout routines, eating guides, and checks up on me.

Is it working? Well let’s just say that in 2 weeks I lost 9 inches and 5 lbs. I’m building muscle mass and losing weight at the same time. SWEET! I’ve always been a girl that is built with muscle and not slenderness. I just needed to tone those muscles up.  (And I’m NOT the type of girl who is a fitness guru. I like ice cream, cookies, cheesecake, and taking naps. This challenged me, but I knew I had to report to her. She would know if I wasn’t doing what I was told and no way was I going to disappoint my trainer. I worked hard just like I had to in the classroom. I wanted an ‘A’ for effort. And I got that by my weight loss.)

Am I trying to sell you on doing this? NO WAY! I just wanted to share with you what I’ve been up to. My workouts have been kicking my butt, the diet was a whole new experience for me, and I feel BETTER about myself and life in general. It has seriously helped with my depression.

Follow along with me and help encourage me along the way! Want to lose weight? I can help encourage you also! (Plus I know a kick a#$ personal trainer who will help you make a lifestyle change. Not a diet. Not a weight loss program. Just a new way of looking at health.) And no I’m gonna share before and after pics, because let’s be serious, I’m not that confident in my body at any stage.

Let’s see if I can blow the Farmer away in my wedding dress! 🙂