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Kellie For Ag, A Musician’s Story!

Eight years of my life consisted of being a musician. I bet you didn’t see that coming.


I actually happen to be very musically inclined. I play the clarinet and have never been anything, but 1st Clarinet. (Meaning that I played at the highest level possible in music.)

My mom actually played the clarinet when she was in school so it was something that mom and I could always relate to. She would help with lessons and really push me to do my best.

I went to numerous honor bands and even was our band’s drum major. (Best experience of my life.) I didn’t care that being in band was ‘nerdy’. I absolutely loved it and still do. I play to keep my mind off things and to really remind myself of something I excel at.

My clarinet abilities even won me a crown as Bellevue Heritage Queen, which is a talent contest.


I really couldn’t have done any of that without my band teacher. He saw such talent in me and really pushed me. Some days I would cry in his office from frustration and he would work with me until I got it–he knew I always would–it just took time.

Sometimes I just smile thinking of all the memories my clarinet and I have had. It’s something no one would expect from me–a farm girl with a passion for music. Sometimes you’ll catch me conducting to music in my car or listening to classical music. Music is my passion and something I cherish. Thank you to my mom for believing in me and buying me my clarinet. Thank you to my band teacher who saw the talent in me.


Below is a video I made for my Grandma. Grandma has dementia so she doesn’t remember faces very well. I obviously am having a lazy Sunday–you can tell by my hair and my wardrobe. This video makes me cry–not because of the actual content, but it combines two things that mean the very most to me. Listen and you’ll find out why!


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