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Farming-The Best Anti-Depressant


Many of you know what a real passion I have for agriculture and my cattle. Many of you know that Otis is my favorite bull and I love to snuggle him. Many of you know that the 3020 is my favorite tractor and is very important to me. But do many of you know that I suffer from depression and anxiety? It’s not something I’m proud of or something I like to talk about, but it’s who I am and it’s what was handed to me in life. So I deal with it. And I deal with it by farming.


Farming is something that takes so much from a person that it makes them forget their own issues and problems. I don’t have time to dwell on the fact that I feel low or sad for no reason. I have to keep my mind focused and ‘locked-in’ on every task. If I let my mind wander I could get it stuck in a PTO shaft or a grain sweep. I could get taken out by a cow or hit by a tractor. I could lose a sick calf or not notice when the calves are getting sick. Farming is a constant job that doesn’t allow me to be selfish and think about myself. The entire time I’m out on the farm I’m thinking of the best things to do for my cattle and my land. I’m not thinking about how much I ache–mainly because I don’t when I’m farming.

Petting Otis takes away the worst pain in the world. Not only Otis, but all my other cows that love their backs scratched. Leaning my body up against such a powerful creature is so extraordinary that it brings such joy to my heart. The endorphins are addictive and luxurious. Once you pet a cow you never want to stop. You never want to stop having that incredible feeling. You never want to leave that spot. You want to sit there for hours and soak in the joy of having an animal trust and love you so much that they trust you to pet and touch them. It’s such an amazing feeling that while I’m sitting here, typing, I can feel the endorphins working.



The 3020 is a very important tractor to me, but that’s not the only reason I love it. Once you take the tractor out on a beautiful fall, spring, summer, or winter day you would know why I love it. Having the power of such a powerful machine at the tips of your fingers, feeding animals that come RUNNING with joy to see you, having the wind blow through your hair, the smell of diesel smoke, and the freedom of driving anywhere is marvelous. Oh the freedom is one of the best parts. Then the wind blowing on your face is the next. The fresh air is contagious and makes you feel clean, starting from scratch, and ready for whatever comes your way. Imagine riding in a convertible, but being able to drive wherever you fancy. Imagine being able to go as fast as you want and don’t have to worry about being pulled over. Oh it’s a glorious feeling.

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Some people are passionate about farming and do it because they love it. Some people, like me, do it to survive….and well because we love it too!

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  • I suffer from depression and have since I was a teenager. It’s hard to explain why you can be sad, depressed, lonely, or other feelings when my life is good. A dark cloud can move in out of the blue or triggered by stress. When I was young, my husband and I commented about how easy life was and it was! We knew would not always be and the last twenty years have not. Lots of love and joy, but that cloud moves in and takes over. I wish there were “couch issues”, but this is part of me. Only recently, have I told anyone other my husband of thirty-four years. He picked up early on the depression and has been helpful. This does not mean he can “feel or completely understand” why. The last few months have been extremely stressful and I had ignored my responsibilities. Time to plant corn and I had not prepared as usual. Finally getting in the tractor, helped and see the “joy” I was hiding from for a few months. Thanks for sharing your story and hopefully someone will read this and help them or save them!

    • Thank you! I really hope it does too! Keep fighting the good fight and keep your head up. We can’t let it get the best of us. 🙂

  • Your anti-depressant aspects of farming are why I love being on the farm and farming. Thanks for being open and honest about depression.

    • Thanks for reading Val!

  • This Kansas farm girl now lives in a big city. When I need to gather my thoughts, or just get away, I head straight to the garden! Nothing beats depression like getting your fingers in the dirt! Thanks for sharing with us over at Country Fair Blog Party, I really can’t wait to see what you are up to now!

    • Something about that smell of dirt really does the trick doesn’t it?? I just love it! (I love to garden too!..just not weed.:) )

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    I am featuring you as one of my very favorite posts from September! You’ll be a feature on our October lnk up! Country Fair Blog Party
    Jan @ Tip Garden

    • Yay!! I’ll head over and check it out! 🙂

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