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Chris Soules: To Like or Dislike

Chris Soules is a name that seems to be famous in Iowa these days. He was a bachelor on the show “The Bachelorette”. He wasn’t chosen to be her new man, but that didn’t deter fans. He appears to be that attractive, too good to be true, farm boy with great looks featured in every romance novel. That’s my exact problem with Chris. And that’s exactly why I don’t know if I should have a problem with him. Let me explain.

Chris is good for agriculture in the way that he reminds people that farmers don’t have to be the disgusting, dirty, hillbilly people that we are sometimes perceived as. He represents the physical side of farmers in a great way. (Chris if you’re reading this, don’t let it go to your head.)

Chris is also terrible for agriculture. Farmers and agvocates are working hard day after day to show people what happens on the farm. Chris doesn’t show that side to anyone. He showed the girl his big green tractor and a field. Wow. Thanks for that Chris. Way to really agvocate for something that you claim is your livelihood. Chris shows a side that doesn’t put farmers in a good light. He shows that we don’t have anything to do. He doesn’t seem to be worried about his work on the farm or getting the harvest out this fall. You don’t hear about his daily work on the farm. It also shows that farmers are rich. The big equipment makes it seem like everyone that farms is ‘loaded’ and making money off the consumer. When in reality it’s not. Not every farm has brand new, big equipment. Chris just makes farmers look rich and lazy, which is the complete opposite of what they really are. I just wish that Chris would do more for agriculture, but then I’m not sure he wants to. I don’t know him personally. If I was in his place I would make sure that I stood up for agriculture and showed people exactly what I do and what I believe in. Even just wearing a shirt that said, ‘I Support GMOs” would do wonders. He seems to care more about the money and being famous, which I find sad. At least use your fame to help your passion—if it is even still your passion Chris.


So, Chris, if you’re reading this help out your local farm friends and support agriculture while finding love. I promise the two go together wonderfully.

Also, make your way to the other LaMotte in Iowa and I’ll let you ride my little green tractor. Bigger isn’t always better buddy! 😉




Being an agvocate for agriculture doesn’t require you to be good looking or famous. Being you is all you have to be.


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  • I never watched the show and I don’t know him, so I have no idea…but are you sure it’s ‘his’ farm not part of a family farming operation? That would be my guess. I guess I don’t understand what the problem with him using big equipment is? Using a 3020 rather than a 8360rt, doesn’t make you more of a farmer – it’s just the best fit for your farm. We farm over 5600 acres, there’s no way we could get anything done with a 3020. The smallest thing we use is a 4020 and it sits on an auger. Otherwise it’s a couple 4WDs and big FWAs. I don’t think how much money you make determines if you’re a better ‘agvocate’ or not.

  • Hi Kellie, I have a question and you seem like a great person to ask. Is Chris really a farmer? He is listed as a farming real estate broker on the Summit website. This would certainly explain the issues you cited in this blog. I realize its TV, but ABC should be truthful about his true occupation. Thanks!

    • Hi Kim! Yes, Chris is an actual farmer. He farms with his family. Unfortunately, his family is farming without him while he is doing the show.

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