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Animal Cruelty On Farms–Is it actually happening?

When Rolling Stones published their story about “Animal Cruelty Is The Price We Pay For Cheap Meat”, I was furious. Not every farm treats their animals poorly. Think of it like this, do you put yourself in the same category as people who murder others? You’re both humans so you should be put into the same category correct? Wrong. Take that into consideration when thinking about farmers. There are some good and some bad. Most of us are on the good side. I’m not going to try to convince you that all farmers are perfect. They’re not. We don’t believe in them being cruel to animals either–we just want people to see that not all farmers are bad farmers.

Also, please consider who is WRITING the article. PETA and HSUS people are very passionate about animal welfare. They tend to use emotion to draw people in and bring out everyone’s ‘softer’ side. They use emotion to trick people. Think I’m kidding? I have a minor in advertising. It’s called the emotion theory. PETA uses this theory quite well and are always the examples used in classrooms. I will give them ‘props’, they know how to use advertising to their advantage. Farmer’s aren’t given the kind of money that PETA and HSUS is. No one hands us a check for $2 million dollars and says, ‘please go spread your message’. We have to constantly work to fight the lies that are told.

For the article. Boy what a crock. Once again, emotion theory, is used. Using descriptive and outrageous words to describe something that doesn’t really happen is easy to do. You do all know that PETA has staged 7 out of the 10 videos they’ve produced, right? How can you trust THEM when they’re the ones filling your head with lies. Farmers aren’t out there telling lies–we honestly don’t have time to sit there and come up with things to hurt PETA–and we don’t want to. We just want to be able to feed the world. It’s sad that we’re being attacked daily for doing something good in this world. What is PETA doing? Saving animals. Wow. You save them and then kill them. Good for you PETA, glad you’re using your money wisely.

I can easily write an article describing how well farmers take care of animals, but most of you don’t care. You’d rather read about something bad happening and then write more about how we should stop that. There is good in the world. You just have to open your eyes.

If you have questions about what is happening on the farm, ask a farmer. I’d love to tell you exactly what happens on my farm. I’m not going to stand up for farmers that are treating animals poorly, but I promise, most aren’t.

Oh and just so everyone knows, meat really isn’t that cheap right now. It’s actually going to rise in price soon–I believe. So the Rolling Stones article was lying to you from the beginning. There people go again using creative words to trick others.

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