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9 Tips for Meals in the Fields

This time of year requires farmers to consistently stay in the fields. This means no time to come home for dinner. Every year I take meals out to the Farmer and have learned some tricks that he even finds helpful! I hope you find some of these helpful and you have a safe harvest season!


1.) Use a frozen water bottle as an ice pack. This way it keeps their food cold, but then if they need a drink later on in the day they have available too. It serves two purposes.

2.) Wrap hot food in aluminum foil. Grill up a few hamburgers, get them all prepared,  and then wrap.

3.) Use hot dog buns for sandwiches. This sounds odd, but one day I was out of hamburger buns so I took the Farmer his BBQ beef in a hot dog bun. He loved it! Said that it was easy to hold and eat while operating the combine.

4.) Throw a candy bar in their cooler. They may say they don’t need sweets or like them, but sometimes they need a little extra sugar to get through the longs nights.

5.) If they have time, take a blanket out to the field and have a picnic in the field with your family. We used to do this with dad and it is one of my favorite memories.

6.) Stick with simple. They don’t need extravagant meals, they just need substance. A ham sandwich and a bag of chips (plus his candy bar) gets the Farmer through and he never complains.

7.) Keep it ‘fast’. They like meals that they can stuff down their throat as fast as possible.  They don’t have time to mess around with anything fancy. Soup isn’t a good idea.

8.) Leave them a note. If you’re just dropping off their lunch/supper real quick and don’t have time to talk, throw a quick ‘I love you’ note in there. They may or may not read it, but it’s the thought that counts and lets them know you’re thinking of them.

9.) Pack him a ‘snack pack’. Not the pudding, but a few treats to eat when his belly starts growing. A few Starbursts, chex mix, skittles, or a few of his favorite treats. Put it in a separate bag. Remember, this may stay in the tractor for a few days–depending if he eats it–so make sure to only take him a new pack once the other one is gone and not to pack anything that can melt easily. aka chocolate.


Do you have any other tips? Send them my way! I would love your tips on what you do! I’ve only been doing this for a few years so I’m sure there are more seasoned farm wives that have better tips! Let me know!

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