20 Reasons to Love Cows

I saw someones blog on why to love kittens and I figured, I might as well do one on cows since they are my favorite animal.

  • The feeling of a cow licking your hand is magical
  • If you raise them from a baby, they become your children
  • Once they are tame you can go out in the pasture and lay on them like a big pillow
  • They trust you and get to know you
  • They’re soft
  • They have expressions and attitudes
  • They’re cute to look at
  • They can pick their nose with their own tongue
  • They come in lots of colors
  • They love you back and know when you love them
  • They like to cuddle once they know you’re safe
  • They produce tasty beef and yummy milk—plus jello, lip gloss, and other good stuff
  • They’re a lot bigger than cats or dogs so they’re bigger/better snugglers
  • Cows make you smile
  • They don’t bite
  • Feeding a new born calf and then having them suck on your hand makes you feel amazing
  • You can win awards with them in a show ring
  • They bring families together
  • They help you learn patience
  • and they smell like money! 😉
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