11 Reasons You Shouldn’t Be Eating Beef

There are a lot of reasons to not eat beef, but I’m only going to give you my top eleven. Get ready. You’re going to be shocked and disgusted.


1.) First and foremost, it taste good.

Eating a food that taste good is simply not acceptable. If you eat anything that taste good you should probably spit it out because it’s going to make you fat and ugly.

2.) Beef provides 10 essential nutrients.

Nutrients are ridiculous. Pinterest doesn’t say anything about adding more nutrients to my diet so it doesn’t matter. Pinterest is always right.

3.) It’s a good source of protein.

Enjoying foods that fill you up, keep you full, and are healthy for you are not on anyone’s agenda. Ain’t nobody got time for that.

4.) There are 29 cuts of lean beef.

That’s just too many choices. End. Of. Story.

5.) Did I mention it taste good?

Nobody eats anything they ACTUALLY enjoy.


6.) Beef keeps you feeling fuller, longer.

I don’t want to feel full. I want to be able to eat as much as I want, whenever I want. If I’m always full I’m probably getting fatter. Eat more=lose more.

7.) Raising Beef is sustainable.

Gross. I don’t even know what that word means, so I’m just going with gross.

8.) There are NO antibiotics in beef.

I want antibiotics in my food so I don’t have to go to the doctor. How hard is this for farmer’s to understand?

9.) Supporting local farmer’s and the economy.

Nobody needs the economy or whatever. We can all sustain or whatever that word above was.




11.) It’s part of a healthy diet.

Once again. I don’t think so. I’m no doctor, but I read a lot of stuff on social media and it’s ALWAYS right.


Are these enough reasons for you to never eat beef again?


I sure hope not because beef tastes like heaven. Heaven on a bun. Heaven next to a baked potato. Heaven with noodles. Heaven. Just plain Heaven.


(For those of you who read this and think I’m serious, I’m not. Go get yourself an amazing cheeseburger and eat that burger like you’re never going to eat a burger again. But obviously you will eat one again because of the amazing beef producers we’re all lucky to have.)


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Hope you enjoyed it and got a little laugh today!


—-Kellie Jo (Bet you didn’t know that was my middle name)

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